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Flexible, unstructured and commitment-free work on your terms. Earn cash for doing stuff you are good at without compromising your studies. Sign up today and be among the first to use the Uniworker app.

Introducing Uniworker

By uni students, for uni students

Between 2-hour lectures and tiring all-nighters (studying, of course), you’ve got enough on your plate as a uni student. Uniworker is here to make work flexible, accessible and – yep – fun, while gearing you up with practical skills for post-grad life. Want early access? Of course you do!

How It Works

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Create a profile that lists your skills, experiences and interests. This is essentially your mini CV, so don’t skip any juicy details.
Connect with hirers and enjoy flexible, safe and commitment-free work, your way.
Once the work has been approved, get paid within 3-5 business days.
How It Works

What To Expect

Find work of every kind

Pet Care
Running Errands
House Sitting
Bar Staff
Digital Support
Events and more

The Good Stuff

  • Earn a minimum of $25/hour. Always
  • Broaden your search and find jobs that you can do asap (like today).
  • Earn rewards and cash when you work and share the app with friends
  • Search for work based on your skills and interests, and work your way
  • Work locally by searching for jobs in your area
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Frequently Asked Questions

Uniworker is a new app that helps connect students who want to earn money with households and business’ that need jobs done. It enables students to work around their studies, giving them flexibility to work when and where they want.

Uniworker is a platorm for students, all we ask is that you are able to prove that you are a student by providing us with a valid university identification and that you are over 18 years of age and have the right to work and live in Australia.

Uniworker provides a broad range of jobs and roles so you are bound to find a job that suits your skills or the type of work you like to do. Whether you want to work in a shop or help a homeowner with some chores around the home there is something for you.

No, the beauty of Uniworker is that you don’t need formal training or qualifications to take on a job so you could be gaining valuable work experience while you earn some much needed cash. Of course, you need to do a good job so search for a job that you feel is within your abilities.

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Work, your way.

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